Per-minute Prices

You not only communicate with local customers, but also
often make calls to other cities and countries? This means that
the Per-minute plan is created specifically for your business.


It is recommended for use together with the Telphin Cloud PBX.



  • Free connection

  • No monthly fee

  • Free communication within the company

The plan is compatible with

  • Multiline Telphin numbers

    You can connect to telephone numbers of 28 cities of Latvia and 33 countries of the world. Learn more

  • The Telphin Cloud PBX

    Over 20 business functions to turn calls into clients. Learn more

  • Any telephone exchange and numbers of other providers

You can make calls using


an IP telephone


An IP telephone

They look like ordinary telephones. They connect to the Internet and provide economically viable connection using the SIP. They function offline and do not require a computer.


a softphone

A softphone

It is a program that allows you to turn a computer, a tablet PC or a smartphone into an IP telephone quickly and easily.


a landline telephone

A landline telephone

Use it with a SIP adapter that allows you to use ordinary telephones for making calls via the Internet.


How much does it cost?

Connection and maintenanceCost, €
Setup fee 0
Monthly fee 0




Outgoing callsCost, € / per minute 
Calls to landline numbers of the Latvia from 0.02 Learn more
Calls to mobile numbers of the Latvia

from 0.04

Learn more
Calls to landline and mobile international numbers from 0.01 Learn more

Cost according to destination

To receive information on the cost of a call, enter the destination name: country or city, region or telephone code. For example: USA or 1800.



Create a Telphin account
and save money while making calls!

Free communication within the network

All prices are indicated in EUR excluding VAT. Billing is per minute. The plan applies regardless the subscriber's location.

Due to the risk of fraud, calls to numbers in the following zones can be subscribed to at a request to the email address 232 (Sierra Leone), 291 (Erytheia), 252 (Somalia), 263 (Zimbabwe), 53 (Cuba), 224 (Guinea), 221 (Senegal), 960 (Maldive Islands), 3816 (Serbia, mobile), 38263, 38269, 38267, 38268, 38278, 38288 (Montenegro, mobile), 680 (Palau), 688 (Tuvalu), 248 (Seychelles), 241 (Gabon), 37121 (Latvia, mobile, CAMEL).