Benefits of Telphin Cloud PBX

Telphin Cloud PBX is a modern solution for complex provision of telephone services for your company which exceeds the functions of digital office telephone exchanges in many ways. It is profitable, effective, easy and reliable to use.

We turn calls into clients


Profitable. Effective. Easy and reliable.


Up to 80% reduction of costs

  • Low cost calls

    International calls from 0.01 € / per minute. Learn more

  • Telephony for business from 14.97 € / per month

    Does not require expensive equipment, its installation and maintenance for software updates. No additional or hidden payments.

  • Free communication within the network



Variety of features

      • Over 20 business functions to turn calls into clients

        Every client can reach company from the first time.
        No misses calls. Learn more.

      • A wide choice of telephone numbers

        You can connect to a telephone number of 33 countries. Learn more.



Quick installation and simple adjustment

  • Installation of 2 hours

    No need to have separate line.

  • Adjustment without special knowledge

    Our specialists are always ready to help.

  • Easy to scale

    You can quickly increase or decrease the number of extension lines. Create of remote offices is possible in any region and country.



Thousands of companies are our clients

  • Stable quality

    No faults and mistakes during use. Free test.

  • Reliable protection

    Multilevel, self-training system of fraud control.

  • Financial guarantee

    If you are not satisfied with Telphin Cloud PBX you can money back within 14 days.