Unlimited World Calling

For saving while calling internationally

Are your clients all over the world? Your employees often negotiate with partners from America or Europe? Subscribe to the «Unlimited World» tariff and communicate around other countries and continents with no limits!



  • Unlimited international calls

  • Free communication within the company

The plan is compatible with

  • Multiline Telphin numbers

    You can connect to telephone numbers of 28 cities of Latvia and 33 countries of the world. Learn more

You can make calls using


an IP telephone


An IP telephone

They look like ordinary telephones. They connect to the Internet and provide economically viable connection using the SIP. They function offline and do not require a computer.


a landline telephone

A landline telephone

Use it with a SIP adapter that allows you to use ordinary telephones for making calls via the Internet.


Terms and conditions of connection

Telphin Unlimited World plan is personal. Applies to one subscriber only.

It can be connected to one line (SIP account) and used only with an IP telephone or a landline telephone connected via a SIP adapter. The plan is not compatible with softphones and PBX.


If you plan that more than one employee will make calls, subscribe each employee to his own Unlimited World plan.


How much does it cost?

Connection and maintenanceCost, 
Connection to equipment 13.99

Monthly fee, per month




The monthly fee includes free calls to 55 countries of the world, available within the plan. For outgoing calls to any mobile Latvian numbers this plan includes 500 free minutes a month.



Outgoing callsCost, € / per minute

Calls to landline and mobile international numbers of the plan zone



Calls to landline numbers of the Latvia



Calls to mobile numbers of the Latvia, 500 mins / month



Calls to mobile numbers of the Latvia, over 500 mins

from 0.04*


Calls to landline and mobile international numbers outside the plan zone

from 0.01*



*Please visit Per-minute prices page for more details.

Plan zones

Countries for free calls

Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, the Azores, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Canada (mobile), the Canary Islands, Chile, China, China (mobile), Cyprus (Greek), the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece,

Hong Kong, Hong Kong (mobile), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malaysia, Malaysia (mobile), Monaco, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal,

Russia, San Marino, Singapore, Singapore (mobile), Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Corea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the UK, the USA, the USA (mobile), Japan


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All prices are indicated in EUR excluding VAT. The plan applies regardless the subscriber's location.

Due to the risk of fraud, calls to numbers in the following zones can be subscribed to at a request to the email address helpdesk@telphin.com: 232 (Sierra Leone), 291 (Erytheia), 252 (Somalia), 263 (Zimbabwe), 53 (Cuba), 224 (Guinea), 221 (Senegal), 960 (Maldive Islands), 3816 (Serbia, mobile), 38263, 38269, 38267, 38268, 38278, 38288 (Montenegro, mobile), 680 (Palau), 688 (Tuvalu), 248 (Seychelles), 241 (Gabon), 37121 (Latvia, mobile, CAMEL).