Virtual Telephone Numbers

From 4.99 € per month

Virtual telephone numbers are ordinary telephone numbers with additional advantages. As any other numbers, you can use them to communicate with your clients and partners every day.



  • Multiline numbers

    Each number is multiline, which allows your clients to reach the company at the first try.

  • No geographical binding

    The number is not bound to your location and the address of your organization.

  • All incoming calls are free*

    Pay only for outgoing calls.

  • Optimization

    A unique virtual number can be connected to all the company’s offices.

How much does a virtual number cost?

The cost of connection and the monthly fee depend on the city a telephone number of which you plan to connect to. We offer:



Latvian numbers

Direct telephone numbers with the codes of 28 Latvian cities. You can make and receive calls using them from all over the world.


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Russian numbers

Direct telephone numbers of 50 cities of Russia. Moscow numbers with the codes 495 and 499.


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International numbers

Direct telephone numbers of 33 countries of the world. Numbers of Europe, the USA, Israel and other countries.


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How to connect to a virtual number?

  • Place a request online or call our sales department.

  • Receive a list of numbers and choose the one that suits you.

  • Confirm your order and pay for the connection to your number.

You can buy a virtual number and connect to it as quickly as in one business day. After this you will be able to receive and make local, national and international calls quickly and easily.



Get a virtual number!

Incoming calls are free*

How does virtual number help you to sell?

Today companies connect to virtual telephone numbers more often. First, they can do it thanks to universal distribution of broadband Internet access, and second, thanks to quick connection, as well as economically viable further use of this means of communication.


A virtual telephone numbers not only allow companies to provide their offices with telephone services «from scratch» and optimize existing communication systems, but they also increase sales.

Today companies connect to virtual telephone numbers more and more often.


They help create call centers for attracting a large number of clients, open new offices and branches.



Get a virtual number!

Incoming calls are free*

*For all Latvian and international landline numbers connected by Telphin incoming calls are free. Call forwarding to mobile numbers and numbers of other providers is payable according to the Per-minute prices.

All prices are indicated in EUR excluding VAT.