International Telephone Numbers

An international number is obligatory for successful work of your company in the countries of the CIS, Europe, Asia and America. If you plan to enter the international market or need to open one more branch, it is time to think of creating a stable and reliable telecommunications system. Connect to a virtual number of a country you need and manage calls in any part of the world.


From 4.99 € / per month



  • Wide choice

    You can connect to a telephone number of any of 33 countries of the world. At the same time your number can look good and be easy to remember.

  • Multiline numbers

    All the numbers are multiline, thanks to which your clients will never hear the «busy line» signal and will always be able to reach you.

  • All incoming calls are free*

    Pay only for outgoing calls.

  • No geographical binding

    You will be able to receive calls at an international number being in any other country. The number is not bound to an address.

How much does an international number cost?

CountryConnaction fee,
Monthly fee, € / per month 
Argentina 13.99 8.99  
Belgium 13.99 4.99  
Brazil 13.99 8.99  
Bulgaria 13.99 4.99  
Canada 13.99 4.99  
Cyprus 13.99 4.99  
Czech Republic 13.99 4.99  
Denmark 13.99 4.99  
Estonia 13.99 8.99  
Finland 13.99 4.99  
France 13.99 4.99  
Georgia 13.99 8.99  
Hungary 13.99 8.99  
Ireland 13.99 8.99  
Israel 13.99 13.99  
Italy 13.99 8.99  
Kazakhstan 13.99 13.99  
Lithuania 13.99 8.99  
Luxembourg 13.99 4.99  
Mexico 13.99 8.99  
Netherlands 13.99 4.99  
New Zealand 13.99 8.99  
Norway 13.99 4.99  
Poland 13.99 4.99  
Portugal 13.99 4.99  
Romaina 13.99 8.99  
Russia from 14.99 from 4.99  
Spain 13.99 8.99  
Sqitzerland 13.99 4.99  
Sweden 13.99 4.99  
UK 13.99 4.99  
Ukraine 13.99 8.99  
USA 13.99 4.99  

There are no numbers of the country you need?

Leave us your contact details, and we will inform you as soon as the country you need will appear on the list.


City / Country
Phone number

How to connect to an international number?

  • Place a request online or call our sales department.

  • Receive a list of numbers and choose the one that suits you.

  • Confirm your order and pay for the connection to your number.

Having connected to an international telephone number you will be able to receive and make local, national and international calls quickly and easily.



Get an international number!

All incoming calls are free*

*For all Latvian and international landline numbers connected by Telphin incoming calls are free. Call forwarding to mobile numbers and numbers of other providers is payable according to the Per-minute prices.

All prices are indicated in EUR excluding VAT.