Landline Numbers of Latvia

Do you have a lot of clients and partners in Latvia? Would you like to establish your first office and start to work in the local market? So now is time to think about connecting the landline number of Latvia. It is a profitable investment in your business.


From 4.99 € / per month



  • Multiline numbers

    Your employees will always be available, as your clients will be able to reach needed specialists at the first try.

  • No geographic binding

    It does not matter in what city your employees work, they can answer calls in any part of the world.

  • All incoming calls are free*

    Pay only for outgoing calls.

  • Flexibility

    Latvian landline telephone numbers allow you to receive calls at an ordinary landline, mobile, software or IP telephone.

How much does a Latvian number cost?

Connection fee,
Monthly fee, € / per month 4.99
Cost of incoming calls 0


Taking into account the way you run your business, you can choose a suitable calling plan for your company.


How to connect to a Latvian number?

  • Place a request online or call our sales department.

  • Receive a list of numbers and choose the one that suits you.

  • Confirm your order and pay for the connection to your number.

Having connected to a direct Latvian number, you can quickly and easily receive and make local, national and international calls.



Get a Latvian number!

All incoming calls are free*

*For all Latvian and international landline numbers connected by Telphin incoming calls are free. Call forwarding to mobile numbers and numbers of other providers is payable according to the Per-minute prices.

All prices are indicated in EUR excluding VAT.