IP Telephony for Business

Would you like need to create quickly a corporate telephone network for business? Do you want to minimize communication costs? Cloud communications solutions from Telphin is quick and profitable telephone system of your business.


Up to 80% reduction of costs


Advantages of Telphin

  • Up to 80% cost reduction

    Low cost of ownership, economically viable plans, free communication within the network and free adjustment. No additional or hidden payments.

  • Quick installation and simple adjustment

    Adjustment does not require special knowledge, and our specialists are always ready to help.

  • Tested by thousands of our clients

    Stable quality. No failures or disturbance.

You need only

  • Internet

  • Telphin Cloud PBX

    Over 20 business features to convert calls to customers. Learn more.

  • Multiline telephone number

    Virtual numbers of 33 countries. Learn more.

  • Fixed, mobile, program or IP-phone

Please note in order to have your staff constant quality phone communications every phone must be connected to the Internet speed at least of 100 kbit/s.

Installation and phone service

We carry out connection, installation and service of business telephone network through Internet without extra charge.


How much does telephony cost in Telphin?

Approximate calculation of telephone connection cost and monthly expenses.
All prices exclude VAT.





The payment for connection includes one-time installation fees for virtual number and equipment costs.


Initial investmentCost,
Connection of multiline telephone number from 0
Connection of Telphin Cloud PBX 0
Softphone 0


There is a possibility to connect telephone numbers of other operators to cloud PBX Telphin without any fees.




Monthly payment

Recurrent costsMonthly fee,
Multiline telephone number from 4.99
Telphin Cloud PBX from 2.99 / per user




Calling plan

Contemporary telephony for business involves not only сloud PBX and also inexpensive plan. To call with Telphin Cloud PBX can be used Per-minute plan.


Incoming callsCost,  
Calls to Telphin landlines 0  



Outgoing callsCost,  
Calls to landline numbers of the Latvia from 0.02 Learn more
Calls to mobile numbers of the Latvia

from 0.04

Learn more
Calls to landline and mobile international numbers from 0.01 Learn more

Cost according to destination

To receive information on the cost of a call, enter the destination name: country or city, region or telephone code. For example: USA or 1800.



Connect to Telphin and save
money while making calls!

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

All prices are indicated in EUR excluding VAT.

Due to the risk of fraud, calls to numbers in the following zones can be subscribed to at a request to the email address helpdesk@telphin.com: 232 (Sierra Leone), 291 (Erytheia), 252 (Somalia), 263 (Zimbabwe), 53 (Cuba), 224 (Guinea), 221 (Senegal), 960 (Maldive Islands), 3816 (Serbia, mobile), 38263, 38269, 38267, 38268, 38278, 38288 (Montenegro, mobile), 680 (Palau), 688 (Tuvalu), 248 (Seychelles), 241 (Gabon), 37121 (Latvia, mobile, CAMEL).